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**revlaura** - Griffin update!

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I was just scrolling through the older threads and just now saw your page, so sorry! 

A lot has happened since I last updated!  Griffin is up to 4lbs 6oz.  Yesterday he was moved out of his isolette and into an open air crib, which means I get to hold him a lot more now, which is so amazing.  I cried happy tears about that one as I held him yesterday.  He's now on low-flow oxygen and is actually tolerating it better than the high-flow.  They think the extra air pressure was actually irritating his little lungs.  We gave him his first bath last weekend (second one today) which is fun.  Tomorrow we have an appointment with lactation, we're going to let him "play at breast" to try and get him to practice breast feeding and Tuesday they may introduce the bottle, he's showing all of the signs of being ready!  Lots of milestones over the last couple of weeks!

Here's a pic after his bath...


Hoping this one stays put a little longer
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