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How do you keep your twins on the same schedule when they don't seem to be satisfied with the breast? Mine are almost 3wks and at one feeding one twin will fill up within 15min. And be good for the next three hrs while the other eats, burps needs to be changed and then eats again. The whole processes takes over an hr. the next feeding it switches and the other twin is not satisfied. Eventually I assume they are full and start pumping so that I can have a supply for night feeding a and when I go back to work only to have one be hungary and end up taking 2oz ebm from the bottle while I pump.
When will they be satisfied at the breast? and when will my milk regulate so that I am not needing to pump or have a child on me every three hrs?

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  • I do one up, both up and tandem BF. quite often, one will finish before the other and the one who finished early is usually asleep so he gets to hang out while his brother finishes. If I have help, I'll have whoever is with me to put the sleepy one down and I'll finish nursing the fussier one.

    Bc I know that my boys are getting enough [theyre gaining and have lots of wet and poopy diapers], it's not so much that they aren't satisfied when nursing but sometimes they just want to hang out and suck. The fussy one is full but unsettled, so he continues to nurse.

    The entire process easily takes 45 min to an hour and they eat every three hours around the clock, so I have at most two hours of down time in between feedings even in the middle of the night. It's rough, I'm not gonna lie.


  • Not to scare you but I feel like mine still do this and they're 3 months old. Hopefully things will get easier for you soon.
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  • Well...this may not make you happy, but BF or pumping every 3 hours is about as long a stretch as you'll get until they start solids and eating every 1.5 to 2 hrs is more common esp in early weeks. It's beyond a full time job, I know!! But every time they want to nurse it's helping to tell your body how much to can take about 6 weeks for your supply to sort of stabilize. HTH some. It's a rough period for sure...hang in there!
    This pretty much sums up what I was going to say! It is exhausting at first, but worth it when they become more efficient at nursing. My boys nursed every 2-3 hours for months, even after starting solids. Hang in there, it gets better and easier! Good luck!
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