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birthday party invite question

We're having a party for DD at a local gymnastics place. The price we're paying includes 20 kids. Knowing that some of the people we invite won't be able to make it, how many people should we invite so we can make sure we have as close to 20 there as possible (I can have more than 20, but I have to pay by the person)?

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Re: birthday party invite question

  • depends, is it daycare kids (who are less likely to come) or family and family friends (who are more likely to come)?

    I think inorder to guarantee you get at least 20, you're going to have to invite more and then just hope a few folks can't come.  you're going to have to run the risk though of everyone coming.

    Not sure what time frame you're working with, but you could always invite 20 and then as they say no, invite others on a B list. 

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  • LoCarbLoCarb member
    I would probably invite 22. 20 kids is a lot so even if you cannot fill each slot you should still have a good crowd. In the past, if I have received regrets I have invited other children from a 'B' list.
    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
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  • cpmichcpmich member
    I would rather have a smaller tomanage party with less time for kids to wait and take turns than the maximum amount of kids permitted. Just invite the kids you want or the entire class.
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  • For me it would depend on if you're inviting a whole preschool class, how many that is, what the typical turnout is when others have invited the whole class, etc.  At my school, a lot of ppl invite the whole class of 20 but there is a group of about 10 who ever come to them so I felt pretty comfortable with how many I knew would not come for sure since they don't come to any of them.

    If you're inviting a lot of personal friends & family who you feel pretty confident will come and inviting the whole preschool class and 50% or more coming puts you over and you don't want to pay the extra  &/or have that many then you may want to consider only inviting certain kids.

    All i know is don't have a B list unless you're going to invite them over 2 weeks ahead of time. I got an invite for a party on a Tuesday or Wednesday that was on a Saturday once and it was clearly that she had extra spots (and another mom had mentioned it to me before that so I knew the invitations already went out). That was odd to me.
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