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Wahh!! 39 weeks and not dilated!!

For mobile bumpies like me: Wahh!! 39 weeks and not dilated!!

Ok, so any and all thoughts would be appreciated here...I am super bummed because I had my very first cervix check ever today, in fact I'm still cramping from it, and my OB told me that my cervix isn't dilated and is still pretty firm and high. What does this all mean, particularly for someone like myself who had a prior CS at 33 weeks due to early onset preeclampsia? So far pree hasn't reared its ugly head and isn't an imminent concern, but my OB suggested scheduling a backup plan CS for 41 weeks plus a few days.

Can you ladies tell me what your OBs have said about dilation and effacement and all of that good stuff, and what bearing these stats have on the likelihood of a successful VBAC?


Re: Wahh!! 39 weeks and not dilated!!

  • It's totally normal to not be dilated at 39 weeks! If you never went into labor the first time, then it's reasonable to expect that it will take several hours of active labor for you to even get to a few cm's of dilation - I think it took me 16 hours to get to a 2. 

    Don't worry at all about it. You're not even due yet - take a nap, eat a good meal, then go for a good walk.  

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  • emecoxemecox member

    My cervix really never softened at all with my first (induction didn't work at all - i only got to a 3). I had my 34 week apt with my midwife this morning and she told me at 36 weeks she wants me to start taking evening primrose oil as that's supposed to be really good for getting the cervix to soften - so maybe try that. I think it's all natural so shouldn't cause you any concerns.

    good luck!!

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  • With my first I had a hard and high cervix at 40 weeks.  I eventually went into labour (water broke, contractions started) at 40w6d, however he was full breech and they had to do an emerg c-section.  

    I wouldn't be worried.  You could talk to your doctor about evening primrose oil.  I used it with DS, I'm not sure it helped much but they claim it can.  

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  • Thanks to all for the advice and experience! I really appreciate it.
  • I had DS at 41 wks 2 days!


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