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I just want to buy stuff!

We are ttc after a mc and I bought some mat clothes and baby things when I was pg and now I am back to waiting and want to buy everything I see!!!!

Re: I just want to buy stuff!

  • Can you buy a new shirt or shoes to offset the urge? Buying baby stuff is fun, but is a bad idea until you need it.
  • I definitely have enough clothing and shoes lol! I think I may get baby shower gifts to fulfill my urges; good thing I have three in the next two months! Just had to get it off my chest :)
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  • Yeah I'm crawling all over Etsy for fun things and the maternity websites. But I'm resisting. Don't want to tempt fate. But I'm pinning ALL OF IT to my pinterest for later.

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  • YES try pinning to pinterst that always helps me!!

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    I would wait but it is definitely tempting

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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    Big ole nevermind.
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  • Ever since my first m/c, I'm actually the opposite of the typical superstitions:  As soon as I get a bfp, I *DO* buy one little token for baby... as a "good luck little bean, I believe in you!"
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