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2.5 month old screaming when trying to breastfeed


My baby girl is about 2.5 months old and is a breastfed baby. She has never had a problem with latching or anything like that, but starting yesterday she suddenly changed from her normal 2 hr feeding schedule. This would be perfectly fine with me except that she is giving me all of her hungry signals, but screams when I try to put her on the breast. She is still happy and smiling and has no fever. She is a bit more fussy than normal and it's worse today than yesterday. She is still getting enough food and I am calling her doctor, but has anyone else experienced this?  

Re: 2.5 month old screaming when trying to breastfeed

  • I literally just posted the same thing on my BMB. It is so frustrating and she isn't eating as much as normal!
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  • Did you check her mouth for thrush or some other thing? It might hurt to latch?

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  • My lo is almost 12 weeks and she does that occasionally, usually when she is tired.

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    Did you check her mouth for thrush or some other thing? It might hurt to latch?

    Good call. My LO was doing the same thing. She was happy except for when I would try to feed her. She would drink the first ounce without any problems, but then scream after that. It turned out she has thrush. We are still trying to get rid of it. It is pesky. Check LO's mouth for a white coating on LO's tongue or white spots on the inside of mouth.
  • Thanks for the replies! I got her into the doctor today just to check. The doctor looked around her mouth, so definitely no thrush. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong... She was diagnosed as "fussy". Hopefully it will go away in a few days.
  • The doc didn't suggest reflux? The same thing happened to my lo and thats what it was.
  • I had the same problem with my one month old. For me, it was a combination of oversupply and what I think was a growth spurt.

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  • My 2 month old started doing this a bit lately. I think it is when he's tired and/or when my milk comes out too fast. Oh, and sometimes it's that he needs to burp.
  • I know this is a bit late but it turned out that my baby was just changing her feeding schedule. I was trying to feed her too often like her old schedule. If I let her go an hour longer and she would latch right on.  So simple. I can't wait til she can let me know what she wants in other ways than crying! 
  • Could it be a growth spurt? We are going through the same thing right now.

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  • Same issue here. I think it's a nursing strike - google it - lots of tips on what to do. We did skin to skin time in a rocking chair with her Binky in and when she drifted off, slipped Binky out and put my nipple n - she fussed a bit but eventually latched and drank. Good luck!
  • Yeah I was going to suggest that she just wasn't hungry. Don't be surprised though if in a couple days she goes back to wanting to be fed on the old schedule. My son would go for days and eat all day then there would be a day where he acted like this and would barely nurse five minutes in six or seven hours.
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