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AF Early Retirement

I don't have all the specifics, but I know there is a small possibility of early retirement for certain career fields. Those particular career fields, according to my husband, haven't been announced yet for this year but should be shortly. He doesn't believe Meterology, what he does, will be on that short list, but we're both crossing our fingers. He has just under three years left before he can retire at 20, but it feels like an eternity.

If you or your spouse plan on retiring from the military, would you take the early retirement if it were an option? It does mean less pay, however for us, it brings about an infinity of options.

I'm just curious to see where everybody else stands on this subject.
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Re: AF Early Retirement

  • We would take it in a heartbeat but the AF is becoming critically manned with fighter pilots so there's no way an 11F code is going to be offered early retirement.
  • how much less pay. what percentage of base pay? do you get all the other benefits? my husband retires in 2 ish years. it will go by pretty quick. i know the last 2 flew by

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  • My DH has 18 years in. I doubt that he would take an early retirement at this point. From his perspective, he does not have a job lined up, or even begun the search. From my perspective, we live in Germany now. We've been here for almost a year and a half and I really want to stay for another year. DH was deployed for almost a year and I want to experience Europe as a family. Our four year old attends German kindergarten. He has a good grasp of the German language, but I want him to have an even stronger base before we move home.
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  • I would!  But I think it would be a miracle if you husband got that option given what he does. Sorry.
  • I have a way to go before retirement, but as I get closer I would definitely consider it if it were available for my career field (12F), and depending on the economy and likelihood of getting a job in the civilian world.
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