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Did you freak out when you found out your wife was pregnant? Mine acted like he was in shock and sorta freaked out. Is this something normal? How long did it take to get excited instead of scared to death? Thanks!

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  • Jack makes a valid point.  If it is a surprise, freaking out is a perfectly valid response because it wasn't something that was intended.  Even if you were trying, a positive test can yield some shock and a mild freak-out in rare instances. 

    As far as how long before it changes... it depends.  Things don't really start getting "real" for Dad nearly as soon as it does for Mom.  We don't feel all the changes, etc.  We get to see an ultrasound, and that is usually when it really sinks in that it is really happening, and then when you can actually feel him/her move around and you start showing, is when it starts to really get "real".  It also depends on him... if it takes him a while to adapt to change, it'll obviously take him longer with this.  If he recovers quickly, he's more likely to be back to "normal" soon.
  • I was shocked and in denial for a while until she had her first ultrasound and heard a heartbeat.
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