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Hi All,

I am 21 weeks along with my first child and I have started the search for a baby shower venue. My husband and I currently live in North Jersey while my family is from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. I would like to find a venue somewhat in the middle to bring everyone together. Does anyone have any suggestions for a location in the Central Jersey region? I'm even looking for North Jersey suggestions as a back up plan. Thanks for any help.

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    I went to a bridal shower at Adelphias for a cousin and it was really nice. not sure if you are familiar with it but it is located in deptford. The food was really good and they created a nice atmosphere. I live just outside Philadelphia and didn't find it to be too far of a drive. Below is their web page. Sorry if not clicky, i am mobile bumping
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  • Where in North Jersey are you? Any place in particular you want to do? One place I can recommend is The Stone Terrace in Hamilton, NJ.
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