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TRICARE for baby when divorced...

Hi all -

If mom and dad are not married, once paternity is established, will I have to fight ex husband or petition the court for baby to be on his TRICARE or will I be able to handle it on my own automatically once I have a paternity paper?

Thanks for any help! 


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Re: TRICARE for baby when divorced...

  • He is the sponsor and has to add the child unless he gives you power of attorney to do that (which he can do at legal assistance on post).  A court child support order should address whether he is responsible for providing health care coverage, but that can mean anything from Tricare to a policy he purchases elsewhere.  If there's a court order saying he has to provide health insurance and he doesn't then he'll be in contempt of court.  If you haven' t yet gotten a child support order, I suggest also asking for dental coverage, since that is something he would have to pay extra for.
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    Thanks so much for the help. I am only 11 weeks, so I can't ask for anything until baby is born and paternity is established so I will be sure to include dental in my child support order. Fantastic idea!

    PCOS // Loss 3/2010 // Single Mom // Natural Birth // DC Metro // Baby Girl Born 2/2/2014
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  • When establishing paternity, medical responsibility and child support, some will ask the NCP to provide a life insurance policy with the child as a beneficiary. Not sure if that's something else you would want to consider.

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