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Excited for new child care

I posted a while back, weeks ago, about how DD wasn't getting a lot of engagement at daycare and spent a lot of time stimming. Based on the advice I got here we decided to hire a nanny for her instead of me staying home and putting us under a lot of financial stress. We are keeping DS in daycare so DD gets 1 on 1 attention and DS still gets appropriate care too.
I am so excited for our nanny to start in a week and a half. She is a music teacher part time and has taught classes of kids with special needs and nannied before for kids with special needs. She is willing to work on reinforcing things we are working on in therapy but I am mostly just excited my DD won't be off in a corner by herself so much.

Re: Excited for new child care

  • Great news! She sounds perfect. Glad you found something that works best for your family.
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  • How exciting! What a good find!
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  • Sounds like a great find! I love the feeling of relief that comes from having good care providers.
  • That's wonderful!

    Our two nanny "finalists" are doing 2 hour shadowing with our current nanny this week. I hate losing the one we have but she's going back to school full time. Like good therapists, these caregivers really become part of the family.

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