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ADOS today

We had our ADOS today... I'm still not sure what to think, or what to even hope for in terms of outcome. There was a single therapist conducting the test and it only lasted about 30 mins. I do think LO (who is 2.5) did give them a pretty accurate view of how she typically acts. The therapist mentioned that it was difficult to really asses some of her abilities and that she had some skills that would surpass a 4 to 5 year old, but she was missing earlier pieces of development. This isn't news to me, I'm well acquainted with the term "splinter skills". I'm torn, not that my feelings make a difference in the outcome....on one hand I want to hear she isn't on the spectrum, but on the other I know her deficits exist whether she gains a label or not,and this lable may open a lot of doors for her. Our EI warned us that if she doesn't get a diagnosis we are really going to have to fight to get her into the preschool program as her cognative level is on par if not surpassing her age, and that a lot other deficits aren't immediately apparent. Mostly at the moment I'm dreading this two week wait for the follow up. Any words of advice?

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  • Hang in there for two weeks! I remember the feeling of being so torn as to whether I wanted or an ASD diagnosis or did not. I did not know what to hope for and that was a tough feeling. I can tell you that after we had our follow up from the ADOS I did feel a tremendous amount of relief. For us that was because there was a diagnosis and we had a direction to pursue. I would suspect that if we had ruled out ASD there would have also been some sort of relief associated. Good luck to you!
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