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XP: Birth stories for third child?

Any moms of three children happen to be here? I was curious if you could share a little bit about your labor & delivery for your third child. I'm 37wks with my third and my OB nurse told me that I should head to the hospital when my contractions are 10min apart since third time labors tend to progress faster. My first two deliveries were inductions, and I was told not to wait for the really painful contractions that I experienced with inductions since that may put me at the hospital too late in the game.I had been planning on staying home until I was in a lot of pain, so this new piece of information has thrown me in a loop.

If you recently had your third child, did you find that labor and delivery went quickly for you?

Re: XP: Birth stories for third child?

  • I'm curious about this too, especially because my last labor and birth was 2 hours. Good thing I am planning another home birth, I just need to make sure my midwife has enough notice.
  • erb82erb82 member
    My third was slightly shorter than my second, but not much. First labor was 9 hours, second was 3, and third was 2 hours 45 minutes. I actually was mentally preparing for a longer labor with #3 because I figured I couldn't get that lucky twice. My understanding is that first labors are typically the longest, but after that all bets are off. They don't necessarily get shorter every time.
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