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Anyone on the Federal Hill Kids Listserve?

I am a mama-to-be living in federal hill. I got an invite from a co-worker that also lived in federal hill to join the "Fed Hill Kids Listserve" about two months ago. I signed up,sent the reply email with all of my pertinent information, but the moderator hasn't responded and accepted me. Does anyone know if they are still accepting new people to the listserve or any other way to get on? I'm getting desperate to join! I'd ask the co-worker about it, but she's since left my company.

 I've heard there's so much good information, I just feel like I am missing out!

Re: Anyone on the Federal Hill Kids Listserve?

  • On the main page there should be an email address for the admin of the site. Send an email to that address. It is still open. It usually takes a while, which is awful, but true.
  • Hello my name is fonda andrews i have been in childcare for over 25 years working with all ages and groups i would love to be a nanny to a family. i love walks cleaning arts and crafts story time running errands and doing what ever you want me to do.i have to numbers please call me at 4102658108 or 4109173403. thanks have a blessed day. 
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