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We are doing the 3 day method. Yesterday was day 3 and DD did great. She only had 3 accidents and even went without prompting a few times. However, this morning she had 2 back to back accidents, then refused to sit on the potty. I had to run errands today and she refused to go potty at the mall. I even brought the little travel potty. She wouldn't even sit down. She had an accident on the way home. She will sit on the potty now, but hasn't actually peed in it since 9 am. Any tips? I have no idea what has changed. Yesterday she would pee when prompted and today is a no go. I though we had make great progress until today.
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  • DD still gets freaked out in public restrooms sometimes too - especially if there's an electric hand dryer that makes noise. It freaks her out. And if we're out at a playdate, she'd rather play, so it's not easy but just keep going. Accidents are bond to happen and as long as you don't put her back in diapers, she'll continue to progress. It won't be linear - some days are harder than others - but overall, it'll be on an upward trend. Good luck!
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