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Successful playdate with aba and foriegner

I posted about wondering how I could bring our aba therapist on a playdate with DS's new camp buddy because though his mom is lovely and sweet we have a major language barrier and mostly communicate thru text (and I assume a text translator).  So I canceled the aba for the first play date which went really well on our own (helped by the fact that I left our 2 yr old with Daddy- though I did notice DS giving his friend some too long hugs and holding his hand more than strictly necessary.  So play date number two rolled around and I told her I was going to this indoor play ground and would have DS's "special play teacher" or sensai (our ABA helped come up with the title and said she was comfortable with it) with us and did they want to come.  She came, I introduced ABA as his special play teacher,  and she never asked any questions.  The play date went really well- though little brother and big brother fight a little over who gets to play with friend- who gets to push his swing etc-- its pretty funny.  Our two year old just wants to do anything big brother does and when he sees DS1's friend DS2 shouts his name and will run up to him on the playground to slap high five or do pounds.  So it was a gamble but it worked out this time : )
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Re: Successful playdate with aba and foriegner

  • I am glad to hear it went well!

    It is interesting that you introduced the ABA therapist as a teacher because they pretty much are teaching in their therapies. I would say that about all of DS's therapists!



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