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Providence Maternal Care Clinic in Portland

Do any of you have experience with them? They were recommended to me by my primary care nurse practitioner after telling her that hubby and I want two very different types of birth. I would prefer a very "granola" situation--no meds, birth center, possible water birth, while hubs wants an OB/GYN and hospital. She said they are a good blend. One thing I am worried about is in scheduling my first appointment she said I wouldn't have an U/S of any kind until an anatomy scan at 20 weeks. How do they determine viability? This is my first pregnancy, so I might just be confused. Any insight would be awesome!
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Re: Providence Maternal Care Clinic in Portland

  • I started my prenatal care at the maternal clinic and loved the midwife I met and the care that was shown to me there. We would have continued with them if it hadn't been for a couple things- I wanted a water birth as well. They do have tubs for laboring but not to birth in. Also, I wanted that same midwife throughout. Most midwifery programs linked to hospitals are set up so that you might see a different midwife each visit and then whichever midwife is on-call will attend your birth.

    Ultimately, we chose Alma Midwifery. But if you want the midwife experience in a hospital setting, check out Legacy Emanuel and OHSU, too. 

  • My DH and I are in a similar situation. We ended up deciding on the midwifery group at OHSU. It was a great compromise that we both feel comfortable with. They are very nursingcentered, support natural LD, and offer water birth. Plus, we'll be at a hospital with a NICU just in case. We had 2 ultrasounds in the first 16 weeks.
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