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Birth Center/Midwife & Tricare (In OKC)?

 So I searched Google and ended up on here so I figured I'd ask ya'll.

 I am wanting to do a natural, drug free birth & I'm trying to find anyone who lives in the Oklahoma City (OK) area? I honestly cannot find a soul who is stationed/lives here lol.

I know Tricare Prime covers CNMs  & I'm looking to see if anyone here knows of any CNMs who you'd recommend that is covered by Tricare Prime? 

Also, how would I go about switching from an OB to a CNM if I found one who accepted our insurance? 


It would be awesome if anyone has any answers for me :) THANKS 

Re: Birth Center/Midwife & Tricare (In OKC)?

  • I'm assuming that you are not being seen at an MTF, correct? I'd look on Tricare's "find a provider" link. If you find someone who accepts Tricare, you need to go to your PCM for a referral. If, however, there is an MTF locally that you are being treated at, you may be out of luck with Prime.
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  • Not too much of a help with anything but we switched to standard to use a midwife/birthing center. With budget cuts, it might be hard to get a referral. :
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  • Have you checked your state laws? Some of those crazy Midwestern states have laws against midwifery. Hopefully OK isn't one of them!

    Also, all the birth centers I've checked into have lists of the accepted insurances.
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  • Thanks everyone! I checked on tricare page and apparently there are no CNMs who take Tricare here. I found about 2 CNMs but they work for a hospital and the hospital doesn't take the insurance. My husband doesn't want us changing to standard so that's a real shame. I have an OB already but she seems to not want to see me so I'm feeling pretty bad vibes from her. I prefer midwives but looks like I can't go that way. Thanks anyway girls!
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