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recommendations for preschool supplies

Want to start preparing my LO for preschool this fall. What backpacks do you ladies recommend? I'm kind of leaning towards a small one from pottery barn. What other supplies do you recommend or have your preschools told you to bring/send?


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Re: recommendations for preschool supplies

  • I'd ask the school. Our boys showed up with super cute backpacks the first day of school and we were told that they didn't need to bring them. They only needed lunch. We were bummed, but in reality couldn't figure out what to put in the super cute back packs anyway. 
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  • Our preschool requires a full size backpack because they do a lot of art.  They require a bag with 2 shirts, 2 shorts/pants, a few pairs of underwear, socks and a pair of shoes so they can handle an accident in any season.  That's it.  It is a small, co-op parent run school. 

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  • Out DC asked for a full size back pack or bag big enough to hold a folder.
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  • Your preschool will send you a list.  Ours required a regular size backpack or tote that a 9x11 folder would fit into, lunch box, and a full list of supplies, just as if they were K-8 (crayons, scissors, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc)
  • Ours required a backpack that would hold a regular size folder.  For my kids (3 and 2), the junior size backpack from LLBean was the perfect size.
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  • I would wait till the school opens and ask them. Or call their main administrative building (normally open year round).

    Every program is different. In one I needed to provide a backpack of any size, folder, and change of clothes. For the other program I needed to provide a full sized backpack, no clothes (I put them in anyway since it just stayed in his locker), no folder (class provided) and a picture of the child. Plus I needed to provide a snack once a month for the class.
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