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When do you need an IEP?

Hi,  I don't get on here very often but thought this would be a good place to get answers to my questions.  My SD has recently been diagnosed with ADHD.  Do we need an IEP?  Should we just let her upcoming teacher know about the diagnosis? 


Re: When do you need an IEP?

  • Many ADHD kids benefit from a 504 plan.  It really depends on what impact the ADHD has on her in the school setting.
  • Thanks for the responses.  She will be in first grade-public school.  I would say the biggest issues for her are being able to concentrate to finish work, controlling emotions, and following through with what you tell her to do or do not do.  So maybe just the 504 for now? Or still see about an IEP?   she recently began medication which we are hoping will help this school year. 

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