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Saying hi/intro.

So, not quite sure if I fit in here or not, but since I'm starting to lurk a bit, I thought I'd say hi. My three year old daughter was just placed into ST a couple of weeks ago, and we were just told she has a mixed developmental language disorder (literally, that's what they said) and I figured if there was anywhere to ask questions or just talk about things, here would likely be it (aside from with her doctor and therapist, of course). So I figured before I DID ask anything, or say much of anything, I should at least say hi.

So. Erm. Hi there. Sorry for being awkward, I just didn't want to end up popping in, freaking out over something (good or bad) without at least saying something before. I finally just got past the initial freaking out over hearing they were putting her into ST so I finally felt alright enough to post.


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