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OB not on board

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I spoke to him about my desire to be ablr to try for a VBAC when I had my IUD taken out and he acted like he would be supportive.

Yesterday we had our first prenatal visit (I am 10 weeks today) and his responses to my questions were very negative in regards to VBAC. The worst was his suggestion on how to "make it work" so no one in his on-call group would have to "deal" with the dreaded VBAC. He suggested we just induce labor when he is on call so we could guarantee he would be there... ummm he is obviously missing the point completely especially since I went to 42 weeks with my first to avoid induction AND he was all about the scare tactics with uterine rupture. He looked at my DH and told him how his new girlfriend would be raising my two babies... Actually the more I type this the more infuriated I am becoming at his responses.

So I need a new OB obviously and I have no idea where to start at finding one who is VBAC friendly.  

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Re: OB not on board

  • If you have a local ICAN chapter, they are usually great about knowing the VBAC friendly providers in the area. :)

    I'm sorry your OB was such a jacka$$.  You should inform him of the ACOG guidelines regarding VBACs. You know, guidelines straight from his own people (doctors).

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  • Ugh, so sorry to hear that. Better to find out now than in a few months, though.

    Here's ICAN's chapter search - https://ican-online.org/chapter/search

    If you can find some local doulas, an independent birth center (not affiliated with a hospital), or someone who knows birth culture in your area, they should be able to give you some recommendations of family-friendly providers. Hospital-based (CNM) midwives are more likely to be VBAC-friendly, or even family medicine doctors. hth and good luck! 

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  • What a horrible attitude to have! I started by contacting my local hospital child birth instructor. She seemed to know which OBs were more VBAC friendly, and then I started making consultation appointments with them. Three WERE VBAC supportive, but not VBA2C, but the fourth OB I consulted with finally was. What a releif! It was a frustrating process but I feel such joy knowing I get to try to labor and not go straight in for a RCS. And yes, knowing ACOG actually recommends women try and labor gave me the confidence I needed to just keep making appointments after people told me no.
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