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What is there to do?

My in-laws were going to come up last weekend, and we were planning to go white water rafting.. that didn't happen. Now they aren't coming up until labor day weekend.

Do any of you have recommendations I can look into on what we can do? I've been google searching, but I'm not really finding anything. 

Thanks :)

Re: What is there to do?

  • The Taste of Colorado is that weekend, that's always fun.  A little pricey but fun.
  • You could go up to a ski town and check it out, they're really cute, and maybe go hiking or fishing nearby. I like Vail and Breckenridge. Boulder has a beer tour you can take...I'm not sure about the company that does it, but they'll pick you up and drop you off, then drive you home. Plus Pearl St. in Boulder is a nice place to walk around. You could go to Pike's Peak or Garden of the gods...I'd check about fire action and what's open there...because I'm not from CO, so I'm not sure about geography on that.Also, a lot of people like Estes Park. Good luck!
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  • My family was just in town for a week visiting, so here's a few things we did while they were here.

    We went to Georgetown and rode the loop railroad. It's decently priced and is about an hour long if you do the regular ride.

    They went to the air force academy and walked around garden of the gods.

    There's also a bus tour they did up at Rocky Mountain National Park.

    There's always blackhawk if they like to gamble, and Fort Collins if they like beer.

  • Thanks for your responses! You have all given me good ideas, and I'm going to pass them on to the MIL :)
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