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UppaBaby users: Wobbly seat?

I have an Uppababy Vista with the seat and bassinet combo and we recently purchased the Chicco carseat adapter. All 3 of these seats are wobbly when attached. Has anyone else experienced this? The little "dots" on the sides turn green, so I know that it's locked in properly, however you can sort of rock it back and forth a little, which makes me think it won't be a very smooth ride for baby. I might just call customer service, but was wondering if anyone else had this experience and if that's just a design feature possibly or maybe we've done something wrong?

Re: UppaBaby users: Wobbly seat?

  • I do not have that problem except when I didn't get thing connected, but then the little dot was still red.  Call customer service.  They have been great every time I call with a problem.
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    The Vista is a little "wobbly" I suppose but you want the seats to move a little over bumps. If it was too rigid, you would feel every single bump and jolt.  With a little movement, it will help the ride be smoother for baby.  I think you are fine but you can call customer service if you are worried.  They are super helpful. 

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  • klyannklyann member
    It sounds like their might be an issue with the connectors on the frame.  I don't recall any sort of wobble with mine. Customer Service is awesome. 

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  • All Vistas wobble. It's to absorb the impact of the bumps when you walk. You may not notice it on its own but if compared to other strollers it is definitely noticeable if you put your hand on it and shake it. It's not a safety issue or a quality issue. But, they're good if you want to call them and just check.
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