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Pregnant Nudist

At night I have become a pregnant nudist. I am so much more physically comfortable completely naked then wearing anything. Even a thin tshirt or nightgown drives me nuts! And things aren't looking so pretty's definitely not a confidence booster. I never noticed how many dang mirrors or reflective objects [spoons, candlesticks, etc.] we have in our house until now. Too bad DH is on a night rotation and isn't here to "experience" this new pregnancy symptom.

The only thing is, I'm terrified of the doorbell now.

Where are my fellow naturalists/exhibitionists?

Re: Pregnant Nudist

  • I was a mild nudist before I was pregnant but now its just crazy. I don't get far in the house and I'm already stripping down. Its just so much more comfortable lol
  • haha here! DH came home the other day from work and I was sunbathing on our back porch...topless. Whatever. We're pretty wooded back there so if someone saw me...congratulations, they went to a lot of work and probably deserved it. As soon as I get home from work, off goes the clothes and on goes a pair of comfy underwear, sports bra and comfy tank. I'm not freezing like I am usually  and gosh darn it, I just don't want to wear pants.
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  • Don't your boobs hurt? Mine kill when I wake up in the morning. I'm thinking about getting a sleeping bra for support.
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  • Withing 5 mins of getting home from work, I'm in pjs, no bra. That's about as crazy as I can get. I have family close by that will just walk in at any given time and I have to run to find a bra.

    I sleep in only underwear and always have. Even when my boobs were hurting during 1st tri.

    When LO is here I plan to lock my doors and just be naked, because taking a bra off and on every 2 hours just sounds annoying.


  • lp0lp0
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    Ever since I went off the pill when ttc for DS my hormones have been out of whack. I practically sweat to death at night so I could only sleep in just underwear. It was terrible after having DS because my boobs were huge and leaking and a night time nursing bra helps keep you from leaking all over the bed. I still couldn't wear one so I put a pillow case down under me so I didn't have to constantly change the sheets.
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  • I love being naked while pregnant!!! I do it when hubby isn't home either LOL!
  • I'm just starting to do this... Last night I was sans pants, but that's the closest I've come to nudist behaviour. I feel awful without a bra on, so maybe I'll just start showcasing swimwear at home.
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  • I'm usually always clothed but last night my pj pants were digging into my belly so off they went! My butt was strangely exposed but it felt great!! This might become a more common occurrence

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  • image Eggerkr:
    Don't your boobs hurt? Mine kill when I wake up in the morning. I'm thinking about getting a sleeping bra for support.

    THIS! I like to sleep au naturel when I'm not KU, but the boobs need some support nowadays. I don't think I could live without my nursing sleep bras right now! 

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  • i hate not wearing underwear, but eff bras and shirts. my boobs are out 99% of the time i'm at home. it is glorious.
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  • I wear underwear and a thin tank top with no bra around the house. My dog loves to lick and she goes straight for the nipples - so I choose to wear a shirt. Damn dog! Otherwise, I would be nude.

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  • r0zzr0zz
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    Usually at night I just walk around the house with underwear on and that's it. But sometimes I have to wear a shirt cuz H gets too excited sometimes. Lol
    It's sweet though, every time he sees me doing pregnant stuff like rubbing my bump or whatever he gets affectionate. So the nude preggers is def something he enjoys lol
  • I really dislike clothes right now and would prefer to be naked...and often times I am only in a huge maternity shirt with underwear, no bra.  Even before pregnancy, I usually stay in a long t-shirt and underwear around the house in the evenings and weekends.  I just don't like pants--especially now.  You are not the only one!



  • I was like this when I was pregnant with DS. Mostly because I felt like I was in a sauna all the time.

    Now, not so much. Not because I don't want to be nude, but more because I have no idea when kids start noticing that mommy is walking around naked all the time thing. So now I'm mostly in robes and light weight long shirts.... Lol
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    I'm reading this naked! Haha. I'm also headed to a nude beach next week. I cannot stand clothes right now. The only issue is that I really need to check the mail and that requires putting something on... I guess.
  • As soon as I get home I throw on sweatpants & a thin tank top, so comfy! Since my inlaws live 100ft away and I have 2 children... I wait till 9pm before I ditch the pants and relax!
  • Ahhh, yes. I now hate my pants with a passion. And if I don't have to be wearing a top or bra I don't! Definitely been sleeping naked besides underwear. For some reason those don't bother me but everything else does!!
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