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younger LO getting more attention

we were running a few errands today and while holding my 14 month old the guy at Dunkin Doughnuts gave him a munchkin, my 3 year old was standing a foot away.  Later the cashier at the corner store gave him a chocolate while DD was on the other side of the counter, but I know he knew she was there.  She didn't notice either time and I was grateful to the men, but I felt horrible for DD.  Have you delt with this?  What do you do for the older one?

Re: younger LO getting more attention

  • We get this a lot because the little ones are twins.  I make a light hearted comment like "Yeah, they learned their cuteness from big sister," and pull her into the interaction.  Or if I don't feel like dealing I'll say "say thank you! Let's split this with your big sister," and break it in half and hand it to her. 

    When they were babies cooing and attention was always over them, and she was only 1.5 but still aware and if asked a question, I'd snuggle her and gently encourage her- "And tell the lady YOUR name!"  That's right, the best big sister in Alex!"

    If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.

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