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New dad, moving across country. Advice?

We are deciding to move across country during her last month of pregnancy. It's a very positive thing to do for us and will be better for us than where we are staying now, I'm just nervous about a few details and wondering if anyone here had experience like this, and advice. The job will be the hardest part obviously, finding one relatively fast that pays decent... but also health insurance, will doctors down there accept our insurance that we have in another state?  Not sure how that works..... Also,  is there any health risks involved with her moving this late in the pregnancy? Obviously she wont be helping move stuff, but just moving in general...Her doctors  main concern is finding another doctor in time.. I've been researching some numbers to call to hash out the details.. I'm just very unsure about some things.. 


Any and all advice welcome. Thanks everyone.  

Re: New dad, moving across country. Advice?

  • Health insurance is recognized nationwide as far as I am aware, if you have insurance in Maine, you are covered in California.

    The main thing I'd be concerned with is the timing of your move.  If you move to a new city across the country you won't have a doctor set up in case she goes into labor shortly after you get there.  There is a reason why doctors tell you not to travel more than an hour away from your hospital in the last month.  What happens if her water breaks when you are halfway through your trip?  If you're moving via U-Haul, do you want your entire worldly possessions in a hospital parking lot for 3+ days?  You may want to wait until after baby is born.  Those first weeks he/she will be asleep for the bulk of the ride anyways, you just may need to stop frequently for feedings.

    The job thing is what it is.  I'd start applying before you leave so perhaps you can have some interviews set up for shortly after your arrival so your unemployment doesn't last long, as I don't know how that would work for collecting unemployment due to a non-forced move, and not being a resident of the state for any length of time.


  • Thanks guys... couple  new things to think about. The move is pretty much forced, but not forced, its complicated. It needs to be done ASAP though so waiting isn't really a good option right now. Although it might still be on the table but not likely. I don't know, I'm going to just make sure I get everything I can in-line before moving so that if anything were to start happening un-expected then I would be at least kinda-ready... 


    I saw a few stories where people moved while they were 8 months pregnant so at least I know it's certainly do-able.  

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  • Shes due Sept. 2nd and the move isn't job related, it's personal reasons. The reasons are very good ones though. Planning on moving July 28th or somewhere  near that day. I feel like if we don't move now, it will be way harder and more unlikely if we wait any longer. Costs and living expenses are not an issue for the first couple months, so I really want to go ASAP and get settled in as much as possible. My main concern is finding a Dr. that is as good as the one we have now... 
  • image polooo26:

    Drive 5mph over the speed limit to cut down on travel time.


    Except in Ohio, they LOVE busting out-of-staters.

  • image Coltsdad:
    image polooo26:

    Drive 5mph over the speed limit to cut down on travel time.


    Except in Ohio, they LOVE busting out-of-staters.

    Which is why I recommend driving through Ohio wearing this...


    Popos wouldn't DARE f'uck with Brutus. 

  • How do you know I'm driving through Ohio? Lol

    Yea I got a Ohio shirt I can wear haha. Insurance thing was what I was worried about. Never needed to use my insurance out of state so I wasn't sure how that worked. Found a few doctors in the place we are moving to, but they have bad reviews. Hopefully we find a good one soon. Thanks for all advice guys. So excited to meet my lil man and raise him in a tropical environment :)  

  • Unless you are driving from the southwest to southeast (in either direction), odds are you go through Ohio.  It seems that almost no matter where you go, if you start at Baltimore, MD all the way up to Maine, you almost HAVE to go through Ohio to go west.

    In terms of finding a doctor, try the local Bump boards... unless you are moving to an area where the board activity is low, or to a small town, there is a chance you can find a good recommendation there.

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