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When Your Ten Month Old Refuses to Sleep....

Here it is....almost two hours after bedtime...and the boy refuses to go down.  He will fall asleep in our arms, but will wake up screaming the minute we put him in the crib. He has woken up in the middle of the night the last five nights in a row. We suspected teething at first, but he sleeps fine WITH US!!!

So we are on 20 minutes of CIO and he is still full on meltdown.

Any ideas out there, guys??


Re: When Your Ten Month Old Refuses to Sleep....

  • Growing pains my man. Give him some more milk, half water half whatever you have, run your thumb from his forehead to his nose until he's out. Talk to him the whole time so the noise of you leaving doesn't disturb him. Talk sing whatever. Works like a charm.
  • He has slept in his crib every night, straight through the night, since the age of 3.

    Now, the crib is his kryptonite!  This has only been going on since Monday. Heck, the week of the fourth he slept straight through the night in a P&P up north at our cottage, no problems.

    We know teething is a part of it, but he screams murder the minute he is laid in his crib, dead asleep no less. Last night he spent the WHOLE night in bed with us.


  • Last night we did the bedtime routine, stayed in his room after bathtime, ending with reading him a book for ten minutes each.  After my reading time I held him for a few minutes and let him know daddy loves him, and we will be right next door while he sleeps. I also reminded him how important his sleep was. I put him in his crib and on came the meltdown!

    After two check ins and 42 minutes, Jacob finally fell asleep on his own before 10pm. Now, he woke up at 3am, but at that point we glady let him come into the bed with us. He fell right back to sleep and ended up getting near nine hours of sack time.

    10 months old sure do know how to work the heartstrings. My wife looked like she was getting a root canal during his meltdown, so I will be taking the lead on this life lesson.


  • I hear about this problem with many people. My niece sleeps with my sister and her boyfriend like every single night because she hates her crib. I would think that would have long-term negative effects though right? Sleeping issues later on in life, not being able to stay at friends houses, etc etc... My son is almost here and I really want to make him feel like his crib is HIS space and make him feel extremely comfortable in it by himself. Hopefully I can achieve that goal! :) 
  • Exercise him as much as possible during the day. So lots of crawling around, pulling himself up, climbing stairs if you have any. Just like how we tend to sleep better if we physically tire ourselves out, our little people are the same way.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • It could be an ear infection.
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