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Questions about neurologist appt

We are very lucky to have had our neurologist appt moved up to THIS week.   I'm beyond nervous.    What did they do during your eval?   I already completed a huge packet of family and health history info.   Issues being looked at are speech delay and very odd vocab behavior, fatiguing easily, poor motor planning, and possible seizure/staring.   When we had our PT eval the therapist was insistent we see a neuro because she feels that given distress before birth and other major delays in milestones that there is something underlying.  We are going to a major children's hospital.  

 Any tips you have would be great!!

Re: Questions about neurologist appt

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    Good luck with the appointment.

    DS's neuro appointment was around learning issues, so it was largely an interview and tests. I got a comprehensive 23 page report that turned out to be the single more critical document for planning DS's educational settings.

    That said, I did not share his AS dx and she did not pick it up. Or she suspected and remained silent; the school for which we were doing this eval did not accept students on spectrum at that time. He was accepted and his classes were full of other kids with Aspergers and HFA. 


    What type of dr generally dx as?   I don't expect he is on spectrum but I'm open to anything.   They just said it'll be an hour and a half and to bring items to keep him busy so I'm assuming no test??  I feel lost.   

  • We've been seeing a neuro since DS1 was born.  basically they examine his motor skills thoroughly.  Since DS1 isn't walking it's probably not as comprehensive.  They check his reflexes to make sure the primitive ones have faded out.  they check his comprehension.  Go through his history with us, anything new, any regressions and then throw out suggestions.  
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  • I have completed so many packets.  They ask the same questions at every meeting, they wanted to know everything, starting with the pregnancy.  Then after keeping a toddler waiting while we answered the nurse's questions, the doctor finally came in and started asking the same questions all over again.  Bring a lot to keep your little one entertained, plus snacks.  We were at the Neurology appt for a very long time.  Then they finally focused on DS, they wanted to see him walk, and ran through a basic physical.  We were then recommended to get the MRI.  The neruo appt was in October (along with assessments in other departments), official assessment and Autism Dx in November, MRI in April.
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  • Our Neuro appt was because we suspected seizures.  During it, they did a small physical exam (watched walking, running, etc), checked her for reflexes and mostly talked about what was going on.  I brought a video of her episode, as well as charting I had done on the events and they took a look at that.  Otherwise, we were set up with EEGs, etc.  She then started showing spots (signs of NF-1 or TSC), so we had more EEGs and an MRI.  We are now at a wait and see place.  The biggest thing they ask for now is video of any perceived seizure event, and background/history. 

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!  I actually really like our Neuro- and the appt was a huge relief for me!

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