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Double Stroller recs??

Does anyone have any recommendations for a double stroller?  My babies will be 18 months apart.  There are way too many options!

Re: Double Stroller recs??

  • Depends on what you want out of your stroller.  Are you a runner?  I hear the BOBs are really nice.  I have a single City Mini and love it but I mainly use it for casual walks (I hate running).  I have run into people who have double city mini's and love them.  Those are the only 2 I know anything about.  Most stores will let you "test drive" a stroller so you can get a feel for it.
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  • I asked this same question to a ton of ladies in our FB Group and everyone highly recommended the City Mini Double, that's the one I'm getting and I love it just from the test drive I had. Well worth the money but I'm getting mine off craigslist :P
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