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OT eval was today

Took DS in for his OT eval today. We were manly worried about sensory issues. She did inform us near the beginning of the eval that since we have BCBS that in our state a lot of times they don't want to pay for OT for just sensory. We left with some resources for sensory. She wants us to get "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun" and she highlighted some heavy work and vestibular/proprioceptive activities for us to do at home. She also wants us do stretches for his toe-walking and having him walk up a slide. Most of our discussion was after his fine motor testing (which he did well on except cutting so we got a handout on that too) and after we filled out the Sensory profile. She had not evaluated him for gross motor at that point though and after the gross motor testing is when she said she'd give us a call after she scores everything to see what sort of plan she would have for him.

On a strange note, at the very beginning she said "I see you were referred because of a diagnosis of PDD." I told her, that was strange because we weren't aware of any diagnosis and the discussion with the pedi told me she wasn't worried about ASD because DS was so social with her. OT didn't say anything else after that about the referral. DH and I were just kinda like ?!?!?!?! Obviously DS's pedi and I briefly discussed DD's AS when we were talking about our sensory concerns. I also can see the medical records from that pedi visit online since her office is affiliated with our major children's hospital in the area and it just mentioned " Preventative Care Visit-discussed sensory issues-sibling has AS."

So not sure what to think about that whole PDD thing and now we just wait to find out the plan.


Re: OT eval was today

  • Oh, I understand completely why the pedi's note mentioned DD's AS. That's the whole reason I brought it up to her since DD doesn't go to that pedi. However, what was strange was that the OT said that the referral fromt he pedi (which I didn't get to see) said DS was referred because of a diagnosis of PDD. Which is odd considering the pedi mentioned that she was sure he didn't have any ASD because he was social with her. I was looking at the records to see if it mentioned PDD for DS and it didn't so I'm not sure why the referral would say that. We will probably have to talk to the pedi about it to find out. We were wondering if she put that to try to push the referral through faster or something.

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