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'boy' character boom box/cd player?

DD has a hello kitty cd player in her room. DS has asked if he can have a CD player like his sister- I pointed out that his alarm clock is a CD player but we think he wants one that has characters or decorations or whatever like hers & that he can use a little more easily... I am shocked at how many hello kitty, princess, etc CD players there are but none of the characters & things that appeal to younger boys? I found toy story on amazon & also lightning mcqueen but they're like $50 and $75... ?!

Anyone know of anything else? I can just try a regular small one in a color and he'll probably be fine (not to mention it would last him longer assuming he doesnt break it) but figured I'd give it a try first. 

Re: 'boy' character boom box/cd player?

  • How old is he and does he use CDs?
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  • imageLittlejen22:
    How old is he and does he use CDs?

    He's 4 & yes. We have several books htat came w/ CD and he loves to read along...and his sister ahs a princess song CD that she listens to at night & he wants to have some music cd. 

    I know I could go the ipod nano or some other small thing route but I don't know that I want to go there yet. 

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