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'Too late' for a VBAC?

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Hi ladies, 

I'm 32w4d with DS#2.  I had a c-section with DS#1 due to pre-e and breech presentation.  When I become pregnant this time my dr asked if I wanted to schedule a RCS or try for a VBAC.  My recovery was really easy with my c-section so I went with a RCS.  Last night I could hardly sleep thinking about how hard it will be to have a 2 year old and a newborn and recover from a c-section.  I'll be 34 weeks at my next OB appointment.  Do you think it's too late to suggest a VBAC? Thanks! 

Re: 'Too late' for a VBAC?

  • I wouldn't think so - it's not like your Dr would have taken a different course of treatment for a VBAC patient, so I'd just bring it up at your next appoint - you've thought about it and want try for a VBAC and you appreciate his supportive attitude that he's expressed from the beginning. 
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  • skioskio member
    Nope! When you get to your next appointment, tell your doc you want to sit down and chat first. It's your body and your decision, no such thing as making the decision at a 'wrong' time.

    Just do a bit of research of your own so you know what you want for a vaginal birth. And ask your doctor about restrictions; will they use induction drugs? How long past your due date will they let you go? Will they leave you alone during labor or require an epi or other interventions?

    Good luck!
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  • Thanks for the information.  I'm starting a list of questions and also made an appointment for this Thursday to just talk with my OB.  Fingers crossed he's still as supportive.  
  • My doctor asked early on what I wanted. But then said we would discuss things and get a better idea at 36 weeks. And he is very pro vbac.
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