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XP- Ballantyne/ Indian Land preschool

Anyone have a suggestion for a preschool in e Ballantyne, NC or Indian Land, SC preschool? We are moving to Indian Land later this month. The only one I have been recommended so far is Rainbow Station, which seems nice, but it way too expensive. TIA!
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Re: XP- Ballantyne/ Indian Land preschool

  • i was checking out Rainbow Station's website yesterday. so how expensive are they? i'm looking in the area too. although it's very early (baby not due until January)
  • The Morrison Family YMCA has a phenomenal pre-school program.  My son stays home with my husband (a SAHD), but my DH goes to that Y, and my son can stay in the childcare portion for up to 2 hours a day.  We have been extremely impressed with how they care for him and the activities they do for simply being a childcare portion of an exercise facility. 

    I would like to put our son in a pre-school at least one year before he goes to kindergarden - and I would most likely choose to put him a the Morrison YMCA pre-school.

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