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New doctor?

Hello! As a quick disclaimer, I also posted this on the 1st trimester board. I decided to also post it here in hopes of some local suggestions. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

I'm fighting tears as I type this because I fear that may have to find a new doctor. The doctor I have, I absolutely adore. She took great care of me through my last pregnancy and delivered my first baby. The problem is, I can NEVER get an appointment to see her. She's always booked and when you can get in there is always a long wait. Her receptionist is the meanest and least empathetic person I have ever encountered and refuses to take messages or let me speak to the doctor even when I feel it's an emergency. Even when the doctor specifically says "I need to see you again within the next 2 weeks" the receptionist will rudely tell me it's "too bad" because there are no openings and the schedule is booked solid for the next month or longer. She'll constantly put me on hold and sometimes someone completely different comes back on the line.
Now, I am at the point in my second pregnancy where my morning sickness is debilitating. I can't keep down water or prenatals. When I reached this point last time, my doctor urged me to not wait so long to be seen, as my and baby's health is important. I had an appointment for next week, but out of concern, my husband called and had to literally beg the receptionist to find a sooner appointment for me which is today. Now, I have a voicemail from the receptionist canceling my appointment because the doctor is tied up in labor and delivery. When I called back to reschedule I was told yet again that its "too bad" because the schedule is booked solid with no openings for the next month.
Should I just accept that I'll barely get to see my doctor throughout my pregnancy, or should I try to be seen elsewhere?

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    That is ridiculous. Like PP said make sure the doctor is aware of the situation. Your doctor should be available for you and your baby and her receptionist should not be preventing you from contacting her or making appointments. If nothing changes once you make sure the doc understands whats going on i would search for somewhere new to go.
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  • I know you like this dr, but if getting an appointment is this difficult and stressful, its a bit counterproductive. I would never want to be worried that my care will be compromised because of scheduling or surly office staff. God forbid, something happens during your pregnancy because you were put off to a later will never forgive yourself and sticking with this one great dr will not be worth it in the least.

    Id make the dr aware of your treatment and at that same time, tell him/her you are switching to a new practice because you feel your care is being compromised. If your dr truly cares about their patients, you will know by the way they respond to your concerns and decision to leave. 

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  • That is unacceptable. It's too bad because your doctor sounds awesome. Leave the practice, but make sure she knows why you are leaving. Where are you? If you are anywhere close to West Chester or Exton I just joined associates for women's medicine and they seem wonderful!
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