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2 month checkup

So our little girl had her checkup today. She did pretty well with her shots! She screamed loud for the first one then lighted her scream for the other ones. I was also happy that the Dr said everything looks good. He is still concerned about her weight. She is 8lbs 9oz but he said she should have gained more weight then 1lb 1oz since birth. We are however going to a pediatric eye specialist because she doesn't follow with her eyes. She does occasionally but he said it should be every time. So you can imagine that upset me more then her getting the shots.
I just feel that it is never a dull moment. First we started out with formula problems on our 4th one, had a ton of gas where they thought she had colic, had to add rice cereal to her formula BC of reflux a few times a day, the weight issues and now this. I'm just praying that everything with be OK with her but I keep saying well things could be a lot worse.

Re: 2 month checkup

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    HZ2012HZ2012 member
    Glad she did ok with her shots! Good luck with everything else!
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    Sorry things are so rough! Weight issues suck. I find myself getting jealous of the chubby babies on the board. Hope things get better soon!
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    RoxZ32RoxZ32 member
    I totally understand how you feel. I actually just posted the other day on the 0-3 board. At my baby girls  2 month on Monday the doctor was concerned with her eyes. They shake/quiver/jerk (however they refer to it!) when she focuses on something. Dr told me it could be as simple as a weak muscle or as serious as developmental issues. I totally panicked. Who wouldn't? I saw the pediatric eye doctor Thursday and they cleared her. Heads up, they probably will dilate her eyes. She didnt like the exam once dilated so it was sad to watch and the drops made my little one very sleepy which wasn't so bad since I was trying so hard to keep the sun out of her eyes it made it a bit easier! My thoughts are with you and hope all is good. What comforted me was knowing I have a pediatrician who's looking out for her best interest. 

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    kmcd23kmcd23 member
    I'm sorry you have to worry, but I hope you get good news!
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    Thanks ladies!! I will let you know how things go. Our appointment is for July 26.
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    Glad you made it through the shots! Our appt is Monday. Sending TnPs for your appt on the 26th!

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    chmanachmana member

    Have you tried using a sensitive formula? My DD has  been having Similiac sensitive since day 1 and it works for her.

    We used that formula with my older DD.

    I hope your baby does better!!!

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    Have you tried using a sensitive formula? My DD has been having Similiac sensitive since day 1 and it works for her.

    My daughter is actually on similac alimentum. She has an allergy to cows milk so she needs the hypoallergenic one. Thanks for your suggestion though I appreciate it! I'm just hoping the eye thing is OK.
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