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New dad to be insurance question

So I am soon to be new first time dad and long time lurker. Our baby is due in October and the wife and I have started looking at health insurance and adding the little guy. My question though when he makes his grand appearance is he covered under my wife's plan or do we have to add him to a plan prior to being born? Is it even possible to get insurance for a baby that is not yet born? I've got so many questions on this I don't know where to start... please help

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  • I know via my company that a newborn child has I believe 60 or 90 days from day of birth to get officially enrolled.  You often need a social security card and a valid birth certificate to add a child to your insurance.  He will be considered covered by default during that timeframe, but if you fail to get the proper information to your insurance in said timeframe, they drop him and then hit you with all the portion they covered.

    I would contact your wife's insurance company to see what their policy is, but more than likely it will be very similiar to this.

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    Thanks, that was what I thought as well. My wife called them and they said no but I'm not sure the customer service rep fully understood what we were asking. I've gone ahead and sent them an email to confirm. Thanks for the input, all of the expenses that go along with having a baby are suddenly becoming more and more real and as first time parents I think we are both feeling a little overwhelmed.
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    So another question, so he is born, and he is covered by my wife's plan for 30 days. So all his initial hospital stuff is handled through her policy. If we opt to put him on a different policy would we have to pay back what was covered to the insurance company on her policy? 
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    Im just lurking because im bored.
    But, when i had my son he was covered on my insurance for 60 days and then we switched him to my husbands insurance and didn't have to pay anything back.
    It was more like he was covered under maternity cost, of that makes sense. That included his birth, his time in the hospital, all his appointments in his 1st 2 months.
    DH couldn't get him on his insurance until he had a social, so he had to be born 1st.
    I would just try to give our insurance a call and ask any questions and maybe to let them know your about to have a baby and are going to be adding him/her on. And maybe they ca send you whatever paperwork youll need early so youll have it all ready to go.
    Hope that helped!
    Oh and dont feel to overwhelmed, i know thats easier said then done. When the baby is born everything will just fall into place.
  • If I remember correctly, Jake was added to our plan by default for 30 days.  Once we got the birth certificate and his SC card, those docs were sent into the insurance company to get him added as a dependent on our plan.

    it was pretty standard stuff, and no issues came up.


  • Lurking and I work in insurance. I'd have your wife call her insurance company and see if baby would be covered under her plan for the first 30 days (some don't apply premiums for this, some may). Some plans do this, some plan's don't. Either way, once you decide which plan you want baby on for the long run, you'll call them after the baby is born because the baby's effective date will be their birthday. With my experience, most plan's require that you add the baby within the first 30 days of delivery, but again, every plan/company is different.
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