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My crazy adventure

Now that we are all home and falling into our new routine, I've had some time to reflect on my journey over the past year. When I became pregnant with baby #3, after two rounds of Clomid, I was both ecstatic and terrified. The first trimester had not been kind to me in the past. At 10 weeks we heard a heartbeat and my doctor told me I was in the clear. The following week, as I rushed to the hospital, I fully expected to be told I had lost it. But there she was, swimming around on the ultrasound screen with a strong heartbeat. I was told that I had suffered a partial placental abruption resulting from a subchorionic hemorrhage and that nothing could be done for me. I went on strict bed rest and laid there for 3 months, knowing that there was a good chance I would lose her at any time. By February the clot had cleared but the damage was done. As time went on it became clear my placenta wasn't functioning properly. Amelia's growth rate started to drop dramatically, my fluid levels became dangerously low and she wasn't as active as she once had been. My next 3 months of bed rest was broken up by hospital tests and doctor visits, 5 days a week by the end. It was decided that I would be induced at 37 weeks because Amelia continued to fall further behind in her growth. At 35 weeks my body had enough - I am convinced my water breaking early saved her life. After delivery we found out that the umbilical cord had grown in the wrong place and shouldn't have functioned at all. The doctors have told me that she is truly a miracle and I couldn't agree more. This little girl is the most amazing thing I have ever accomplished and she reminds me every day that if you believe in something and never give up, what seems impossible can come true.

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