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What do you think of St. Agnes hospital and the Ob/gyn there?

Is GBMC, Mercy, or Johns Hopkins better?

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  • I've heard really amazing things about gbmc
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  • I've heard great things about GBMC.  Several ladies here delivered there. 

    The only person I can think of who delivered at St Agnes was mrsbecky, but I'm not sure she still posts here. 

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  • I delivered at St. Agnes.  Most of the docs on call (I was in labor for 3.5 days so I saw a lot) were nice.  I hated my own OB, but luckily someone else delivered me.  The women's center there, where you get ultra sounds is BEYOND AWFUL.  In fact, I would have switched OBs to the doc who delivered me, but I didn't want to experience St. Agnes's Womens center again.

    Everyone I know loves GBMC.  But they are too far from me.  I am delivering next time at Howard County.

     I will say that the labor and delivery nurses were nice, however, the hospital is a bit ghetto because of its surroundings.  In fact, when I was in the recovery area, some guy started yelling about wanting to see his kid and how his baby mama wouldn't keep him away.  He was right outside our room.  Very scary. 

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    FWIW, I LOVE Mercy and the Hoffman Group.nbsp; I had DD with them in 2010 and DS this past October.nbsp; There new mother/baby unit is AMAZING!!!

    I don't know much about St. Agnes, but I also highly recommend Mercy Medical Center and the Hoffman group. I am a FTM due in July, and they have been fantastic throughout this pregnancy, including dealing with arrested PTL 3 weeks ago. Mercy's new Labor and Delivery unit is amazing, and all of the doctors, nurses, and NICU staff were wonderful, kind, and competent. I am very pleased with my choice and am looking forward to my daughter's birth in a few weeks. Good luck making your decision!
  • Snoopy Who was your Ob that you did not like? Which one did you like? Thanks!
  • I loved my experience at GBMC but have friends deliver at St. Agnes who also had great experiences.

    FWIW, it is important to keep in mind that GBMC is a large hospital with a high risk unit. That will factor into that "high" c-section rate. 

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    I am giving birth at Mercy sometime in the next few weeks.  I've loved the Hoffman group and am looking forward to my delivery at Mercy.  Their new labor/delivery ward is really nice and it comforted me that if the baby had to be in the NICU that I would be able to be there with her 24hrs/day.
  • I delivered at Hopkins and it was amazing. They also just opened a bran new facility and it is absolutely amazing.

    My son was in the NICU for 27 days and everyone was fantastic. We still talk with one of his nurses and one of his residents.

    Only downside is paying to park. 5 daily.
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  • Do you recommend a certain ob at Hopkins?
  • I'm currently with the Women's OBGYN group in Columbia, and they now ONLY deliver at St. Agnes. Because I really want a natural childbirth, I'm planning on switching to Special Beginnings in Arnold. 

     I've read that St. Agnes is great if you're high risk, and don't mind interventions.  I'm not high risk, and I don't want interventions.   

  • Not sure if ull see this but wanted to put it out there. I love Kathy Slone and associates who deliver at Mercy n had daughter in 2010. Wonderful natural birthing experience!!
  • GBMC is great! I see Dr. Scott Supplee.
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