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1st birthday venue - Delco

Looking for a Delco (or close to Delco) venue for my son's 1st birthday in October.  I'm trying to find an inexpensive venue that allows outside food or outside caterers.  Trying to steer clear of fire halls or places that feel like fire halls anyway.

Any ideas? 

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Re: 1st birthday venue - Delco

  • Www.liascatering.com
  • Have you thought about Gymboree? They have one in Ardmore. Also if you are willing to travel a bit further and have a place cater for you, you must check The little tree house. It's adorable
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  • For a first birthday I would rather do it at Grandma's or a park if you have one around you that will allow a get together.  I found with my kids that for the first birthday, it was all for the adults.  For the 2nd and 3rd, we went to "My Gym" in Springfield.  LOVE that place.  They design the games and songs to fit the age range and they are very kid friendly. 
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