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Speaking of new beds...

The other bed post made me decide to post about our recent crib problem.  We are going to be having LO#2 in 3 1/2 weeks, so in prepartion, MIL gave us an extra crib she had, and we moved DS#1 to a new room with this crib.  He's been sleeping in there for probably a month now.  However, he has recently discovered that he can climb on anything and everything (kitchen chairs, couches, etc).  Friday morning, a couple minutes after he woke up, I heard a thud followed by crying.  He had climbed out of the crib!  I still don't know how he managed to do this, it seems so high up and there's nothing he can step on to boost himself up.  I really am not a fan of making the crib a toddler bed yet, because I just don't feel like he's going to stay in bed!  I mean he's only 19 months, and already going through lots of changes because of a new sibbling coming.  I wanted to keep him in his crib for as long as possible...like 3 years!? But I do worry about his safety now.  What would you ladies do?

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  • I plan on putting DD in a sleepsack before converting her crib to a toddler bed.
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  • We moved DD1 at 22 months.  She was climbing out everyday at that point.  She started climbing out at 18 months, but we removed her bumpers and we made it to 21 months before she was able to get her leg over the side again.  We transitioned about a month after DD2 was born so it was too much at one time.  She did great and for the first 2 months she would lay in bed and wait for us to come get her out. 

    Her personality is way different than DD2.  DD2 I plan to keep confined as long as possible, she is a daredevil/beast.

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  • We just transitioned DS into a twin bed with a rail on the side. He has done great. It's been about a week and a half and he still hasn't tried to climb out. I never let him climb in or out on his own because I don't want him to realize that he CAN get in and out by himself. We also just had LO number 2 a month ago and gave his crib to her and he didn't have any issues as far as having to give his bed to the new baby.

    Also, I was sure to get some sheets he really liked [planes, cars, trucks] so he loves sleeping in the new bed.
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    I am feeling your pain. We had to move her to the toddler bed she could easily climb out of her crib. She would go so far as to throw her blanket out and then land on it. Now she won't stay in the bed. The pediatrician said to put a gate on her door so if she does get out she can't go anywhere. Maybe it will help you my lo just climbs that too!
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