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19 mo..no words yet...

Hey ladies! I have an amazingly smart, interactive, funny 19 month old boy! He however is saying no words yet. I am a worrier...bur I still feel he has time and not to rush him he is a shy little guy who I don't believe should be pushed into things. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this also?

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  • DS1 is almost 21 months and only says mama and dada.  I just posted about getting qualified for early intervention.  It may be something you want to look into.  You can self refer.
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    My LO says daddy and pap? only. I asked about it at our last appointment and the dr said that at his 2 yr appt if he didn't show any progress then he would be concerned. He also mentioned that even just 2 more words would be progress. I have been doing more reading and repeat after me type games with LO and he's understanding so much more. He can point out all the body parts and knows several foods, just doesn't really say the words yet.


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  • DD has 4 consistent words, they are the same ones she had at her 1 year well baby in December. I have an evaluation scheduled for the 15th through my local Early Intervention program. My pedi said she barely sqeaked by without a speech Eval at her 18 Month Well Baby with her 4 words. While in my heart, I believe she is and will be "just fine", I cannot help but worry. The people at EI have been fabulous so far, I recommend starting there if you decide to have LO evaluated.
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