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naked from the waist down?????

I live in jeans and normally have a vSadery difficult time finding ones that fit... now, impossible.  Looking for suggestions.  I have a very tiny waist and large butt so gapping in the back is awful.  Also, don't know if my thighs are larger than normal or I am just curvy, but unless it is a WIDE LEG jean it accentautes my butt and looks tapered at the ankle even though it is not.  I weigh 130 and am 5'5" so I am not overweigh, just unproportioned.  I am sure someone out there is built like me and not naked from the waist down.  Please send suggestions.

Re: naked from the waist down?????

  • Oprah said it best.  Find a pair that fit everywhere but the waist and then love your alteration guy.  You will never find a pair that works everywhere.
  • Ditto mylollie
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  • Joe's jeans - the "honey" is good for girls with booty. They look stupid on me but amazing on a friend of mine, you can find them cheaper online as they are pretty expensive at full price.
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  • I was having a hard time finding maternity jeans that fit me. ?Mimi Maternity brand jeans are a bit pricey but fit me great! ?They also carry Lucky Maternity Jeans that fit great too. ?I would much rather have 2 pairs of great fitting pricey jeans that a ton of cheap crappy fitting ones. ?Good luck!
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