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Postpartum Depression

Please tell me I am not alone...

I am new here guys. I have a 15 year old and not a 4 months old. Huge gap. Well anyways I am usually a happy outgoing person but find myself just not myself. I know I have a good life and I should be greatful but I feel things bothering me that usually wouldn't silly stupid things like comments from friends then I can't sleep at night as soon as I lay my head down thoughts are flooding in sometimes thought of bad things happening to my baby. I want to sleep so bad because my baby sleeps 8 hours a night then when I have to take care of him during the day I am so tired. I am desperate for some meds or sleep anything! I go to my essure screening tommorow I hope that I can be treated. Does anyone else feel like this?

Re: Please tell me I am not alone...

  • You are definitely not alone. Unfortunately there are a lot of women who suffer with these symptoms. Do talk to your provider. Also, maybe look into a counselor. They can help you sort through your feelings. I have the same sleeping problem as you and I'm trying some guided imagery/meditation at bedtime. I just started doing this, so I'm still not sleeping. I've also started on meds and hopefully that will kick in too. Good luck to you! 

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  • your not alone hugs and let your doctors know how you feel
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  • You have to take care of the sleep thing or else you will crash. I tried everything but eventually had to give up breastfeeding so I could take sleeping pills. It was either that or the mental ward .... Good luck
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  • You are not alone. I don't nurse so I can sleep. DH takes the first half of the night, and I take the second. However, you have natural options to sleep. I like lavender and mint to calm down. I take bubble baths. When LO was new, I put her in the bath with me and used the time for skin to skin, which we didn't get because I didn't nurse. Other things my therapists have told me are these: meditation, bed time routine, playing a boring game, or listening to a boring speech, and writing down the racing thoughts. I take melatonin to help me sleep, but I don't nurse.

    Also, it sounds like you might need to see someone about anxiety. I am allergic to all the anxiety meds, but I take an SSRI that helps with that. 

     As far as sleeping meds. Ambien makes me do weird things. Unisom gives me a hangover. That's why I take meletonin. You can by it over the counter. It can inhibit your ability to sleep without help.

  • This is exactly how I feel. During my pregnancy and even now I've been like this. I don't understand what's wrong.
  • You are NOT alone! I have had postpartum anxiety with both of my kids ages 4 2. I used to get so many crazy thoughts flooding into my mind about something bad happening to my kids that I felt as if I was going crazy. It's not often talked about, but I believe it's very common. I was opposed to taking meds, and just recently I've found a lot of relief by realizing I'm not alone, and I'm not crazy : I cut caffeine, practice yoga even if only once a week, take time to meditate, pray, relax, and I've also started blogging about it bring awareness and give me an outlet to get it all out....
    You can check it out and just know there are so many moms out there to support you and are going through the same thing! Wishing you lots of love support!!
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