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rainbow cake

Hi ladies. My niece is having a my little pony themed bday party. I'm making her cake. I'm thinking of making a rainbow layer cake with white frosting and then decorating it with my little pony themed stuff.

Has anyone made a rainbow cake before? Tips? Anyone have a link to tutorial? I have a recipe I like for vanilla cake, but I'm not sure how long to bake it since the layers will be smaller than usual. TIA

Also, if anyone has some ideas for cake decorations, I'm open to suggestions!

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Re: rainbow cake

  • I did one last year.  Have 2-3 pans at least to speed up the process.  For vibrant colors use gel/paste food color not liquid.  If you want uniformed layers fill the pan more and then cut the layers down to the same thickness.


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  • Yep, did one.  I got some baking pans from the dollar store, as i only had two.  Makes it much easier.  Used food coloring from Hobby Lobby...americolor, i believe?  And I should have used a dowel to hold the hold shebang together, as it started looking cat-in-the-hattish if kept out of the fridge for any amount of time.  Preschoolers were impressed enough to remember it a year later, tho. :)
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