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Moving overseas: What to pack in unaccompanied baggage?

I know this isn't baby related (but I have a toddler, if that counts!).  This will be our first OCONUS move, so I thought I'd ask those who've done it before.  What items would you recommend packing in unaccompanied baggage?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Moving overseas: What to pack in unaccompanied baggage?

  • Towels, sheets, blanket or two, seasonal clothing, a nice outfit/heels (you never know), a setting of plates/silverware/cups for each person, lightweight set of pots/pans, pasta strainer, coffee maker, coffee cups, etc... Basically, anything you use daily and/or can't live without for a few months.
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  • Yep.  A few towels, sheets, mattress covers, bare-minimum kitchen essentials, and anything essential for the toddler's room.  Depending on the time of year you may also want to pack heavy coats or winter footwear.
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  • When we moved oconus we packed everything in unaccompanied baggage. The limit was high enough and we had very few things since it was our first move together. Plus, we brought no appliances since we wouldn't be able to plug anything in without risk of burning it out. 

    Los we packed our clothes, linens, dishes, pots, pans, and a few decor items. We bought new appliances, including a TV, when we got there, and put everything else in storage. But we were given a furnished apartment with a washer and dryer and all the furniture we needed.  

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  • 1) sheets and towels and warm blanket (we PCS into Germany in Sept and it was freezing). 

    2) two pots, one skillet/frying pan, one cookie sheet, some basic cooking utensils (a good knife, wooden spoon to stir), one collander (we did not have this and it is really hard to make pasta without one).

    3) seasonal clothes.  make sure you have your rain gear, boots, and enough layers to go from warm weather to freezing weather.  Again, we went to Germany.  The day before we arrived it was 80 out.  The week after we arrived dropped to 59 and stayed there.  Oh and it rained and rained and rained.

    4) adaptors for your Electronics.  Think long and hard about the electronics you are bringing over.  You may or may not live on base (I highly suggest you don't and enjoy your new home).  If you do not, anything you bring needs to be dual voltage. Because while you CAN buy transformers, they are no cheep and depending on the piece of electronics, not lightweight.  

    But for ever dual voltage item, you will need to get adaptors for the plugs.  You can buy them over there and should look for your bases online Craigslist type site.  But that initial few weeks....

    5) extra full size bottle of your favorite toiletries.  If you use a specific brand of shampoo or lotion or face cream, ship extras in the UB.  That way you have an extra incase your exchange doesnt carry it or there isn't an equivalent on the economy.


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