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First mama bear experience

DS and I were at the park today and I was sitting on a bench about 20 feet away while DS played on a car climbing structure. DS was sitting in the drivers seat when a 5 or 6 year old ran up to him and just shoved him off the play structure face first on to the ground and climbed in the seat DS was in. I totally kicked into mama bear mode and ran over to DS [who was bawling his little eyes out] and I totally yelled "that's NOT nice!" at the 6 year old. Of course the kid could care less and his parents were no where to be found. Poor DS walked around the park for about 20 minutes afterwards, sulking and saying "Push down. Push down. Not nice."
I did feel a little bad for yelling at the kid but sheesh!
Anyone else had to deal with bullies yet?
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Re: First mama bear experience

  • Aww....poor DS! Glad you were there though. I do the same things at the play ground when I see a kid not acting right towards my kid. I try to follow it up with "Hey, let's play this instead." I do cut kids a break and try to move on from the situation (as long as no one is hurt physically). If I saw that the kid didn't care, I would have told him to take me to his parent so that I could discuss the behavior if it continued. I would like to give the parent the opportunity to correct their kid's actions. 
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  • Poor guy!  Thankfully, I haven't dealt with too many physical incidents.  I had to kick a kid off the slide DD2 was playing on.  He was climbing the railings and not letting the other kids up and he almost kicked DD2 in the face.  Most issues I encounter is some older kid taking what one of my girls is playing with.  I don't have a problem taking it back and telling the other child that my kid was playing with it and that it isn't nice to grab things from other people's hands.  Of course I give the child's parent a chance to correct them, but it is amazing how many parents just sit and play on their phone and pay zero attention to their children.
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  • Poor guy. I haven't had an experience like that yet, but I am sure it will come. I also try to go to places or at times there aren't a lot of big kids. DS1 is already short for his age, so I am already protective of him.
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  • I eventually saw the kid's mom and she was ASLEEP on a picnic table?? Weird.
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  • Aww, that sucks! Poor DS! I hope he forgot about it had fun later.

    Thankfully, we haven't had to deal with bullies yet. I do not look forward to it.

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