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I'm not going out in public anymore....

I'm not going out in public anymore because I fear I may do or say something really really mean! 

Random lady at target today looks at me and says...."wow you are huge!" Thanks a lot lady! I feel like crap as it is, just made my day even better. All I said to her was, "well if you were carrying twins you would be too. Have a nice day!" 

And, not one but two women today (one at the carnival and another at a jumpnasium) asked me if my boy/girl twins were going to be identical. I just can't!

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Re: I'm not going out in public anymore....

  • I'm only 23 weeks today and the last week I have had about 3or 4 people ask me how long I have to go... Ummmm I'm half way and then their eyes buldge open wife and mouths drop and I say yeah twins but so I guess I'm suppose to be bigger than normal and then they look at me with pitty and say awwww you poor thing... Hmmm try carrying it around everywhere!!!
  • I'm on mobile so I can't see how far along you are, but I feel your frustration! Glaring eyes at my enormous belly underneath my maxi dress is getting really old.
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  • I live in the city so there are a lot of people out walking around. At the end of my pregnancy people would literally stop in their tracks and stare at me as I waddled down the street. I don't know why people think it is okay to be so rude just because a woman is pregnant. I think your response was great though! As far as asking if b/g twins. Are identical, I think it would take a lot of restraint not to just start laughing the offender's face. What an idiotic comment.
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  • Yesterday I was out with my b/g twins and was asked the classic are they twins, how old are they, and the csptain obvious comment of she is do much smaller than him. Followed by she was preemie and he wasn't? Um no they were born at the same time!
  • I got my first "are they identical or paternal" the other day and they aren't even born yet. Well, considering they are b/g I don't think it's possible for them to be identical. And I guess they are paternal because they do, in fact, have a father.
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  • Ugh! I was at Meijer and the cashier yelled "oh my god, you're pregnant!" And when I said "yes, due in oct" Her reply "you're really big for being due in oct!!". Me "yes, Im having twins"
    Then she too asked if my b/g twins are ID. I just wanted to walk away and leave my groceries!!

    I never took pictures of my belly from past pregnancies so I can't compare my singleton pregnancy with this one. I feel bigger, but not that much bigger. I am 24 wks and measuring at 32 wks
  • I live in a state where people mostly just glare and don't actually say anything. Since my bump already looks well past full term I do get a lot of nasty looks from people when I'm out (which is very rare these days).  In my opinion that's just as rude as the you're so big comment (which I do get when the complete stranger is feeling social).

    To my general disbelief most of the dumb twin questions are coming from my friends and family!  

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  • Everyone commented on my size. Everyone. It was a relief to finally stop working because I got the most attention in the elevator there. It got so old! I eventually stopped responding at all, I would just stare and give them a tight smile. And apparently taking the twins out in public is as bad or worse? And you get dumb questions like " are they twins?".
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  • I didn't get it too bad while pregnant except at the very end- I'm tall and a little overweight so I looked like I was pregnant with a singleton. But since having them? OMG. People will.not. leave me alone. I hate it. And it's so nice when you're somewhere struggling with 2 carseats trying to open a door and people say "boy, you've got your hands full!" and walk away as you struggle to get said door open.

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  • I almost made it through Costco yesterday with only receiving polite smiles.  Then the cashier asked when I am due. But, she ended up wanting to tell me about her son and his fianc? who are expecting a baby.  So, she is just excited. My workplace is the worst! I get the "you're still here" comments now. I work on a large campus... Someone turned around the other day and just said "WOW!!" I just reply, "yep, I'm having twins" to most comments. It is getting tiring. 
  • I feel the same way. I just dont understand why ppl some how think that bc I am pregnant they can say whatever rude comment they want and its ok. Ive had coworkers actually think its ok to say omgosh your huge, call me fattie, tell me my nose is getting wider and im feeling out everywhere. My mil even thinks its ok to flat out say how much do u weigh now? Where in the world is that acceptable. Im gonna start asking ppl how much they weigh in response and see if the dumbness of that question registers in their mind. Im sick of the meaness. I was small pre pregnancy and have put on weight but im supposed to I have 2 babies in there! Ugh ok vent over.
  • I thought it was bad when I was pg, it was worse when they were born.  Now that they're 3.5 the comments have slowed way down.  It used to be amazing if we could get through a store with no comments, usually we'd get at least 3-4 "are they twins", "how old are they", "are they ID or fraternal", "how can you tell them apart".

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  • imageMama-Bear:
    I thought it was bad when I was pg, it was worse when they were born.  Now that they're 3.5 the comments have slowed way down.  It used to be amazing if we could get through a store with no comments, usually we'd get at least 3-4 "are they twins", "how old are they", "are they ID or fraternal", "how can you tell them apart".

     ^^I get these ALL THE TIME! It's getting really old fast. My girls are 9 months now and have been home for 8. It wasn't too bad when I was pregnant because I only gained 25lbs and I didn't make it to the end of my pregnancy. I'm also tall and have a lot of room in my torso so I didn't look as big either. I was only measuring 5 weeks ahead (I think). But I did get wide eyes when people did ask me when I was due and I said Nov 7th.


  • I apparently look full term as of now... everyone has officially started with the "any day now huh?" and "better be careful your water doesn't break" 
    haha, thanks, I still have two months to go...

    I'm fairly certain I'm going to start flipping people off soon.  

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