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Activities with your 1 year olds - Weekends seem a bit quieter

My husband is deployed and our son is 1. Even with all of the technology the time differences are still time differences. Anyway, after I put my son to bed I relax and then off to bed. The house seems a bit bigger and much quieter every time.

Work M-F keeps me incredibly busy. The weekends are still busy just not as much and the house is just... .well.. emptier.

What activities have you found with your 1 year olds or younger to make the time pass?

I'll take any ideas. 

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Re: Activities with your 1 year olds - Weekends seem a bit quieter

  • We have "The Little Gym," here and they hold classes 2 days a week, they also do special reading days or put on plays at our local library, we love to go "Barnes and Nobles" and my SON likes to play on their activity tables. Trips to the zoo are also fun, in the summer time the local YMCA gives swimming lessons 2 weeks at a time. Hope this is helpful. 
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  • LeahCKLeahCK member

    Those are all great ideas, we do have swimming classes on Saturday mornings, the Little gym is right up the road that we use. I haven't started play dates on the weekends yet so I look forward to those. 

    He seems to go 100 miles a minute and he's not even 2. I thinking he's kickin' my butt! :) 

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  • Bexx24Bexx24 member
    A good routine helps. Special Saturday Breakfast that he helps "cook" followed by walk outside and art project can totally eat up a morning. And then every once in a while a field trip, my 1 yr old LOVED the aquarium partiularly, and a lot of places like that will do season passes for the summer at a discount if you find something you like to do regular.
  • We do the zoo, the splash pad on base, and open gym (at a nearby athletics center) for our trips.  If we need to stay at home, it's a lot of coloring, helping me cook, playing with our water table, and just being goofy.  It's getting really hot here, so I'm starting to get limited with the outdoor activities for the boys, but anything with water is a bonus.
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  • We do the base pool, playground down the street, bubbles and sidewalk chalk in the yard, walks around the neighborhood, and building forts with blankets and pillows when the weather isn't conducive to being outside.

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