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Camping with LO

H and I are planning on going camping with Alexis this weekend and was wondering who has and how did it go.   I think someone mentioned recently that they were going camping with lo.  Do you have any recommendations?  What kind of camping was it (tent/rev/etc)?  What was the hardest? Anything else?
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Re: Camping with LO

  • You are brave!
  • We do a lot of trailer camping. We have water hook up and a generator, so we're not roughing it. LO does well, I think she likes all the extra time outdoors. I have bug nets for her stroller if the bugs are bad. Naps are a bit more difficult, she seems more easily woken up. She does fine when we get back home though and goes back to her normal routine.
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  • MrsRJCMrsRJC member

    We just tent camped last week for two nights. It was much more successfull than I was expecting!

    Here are a few suggestions:

    1) take LOTS of baby wipes

    2) be ok with the fact that everything is going to get dirty.  

    3) we spread out a large tarp and then put a smaller blanket on top so she had her own area to play that wasn't directly in the dirt.

    4) we also have a sun tent that was invaluable

    5) we set up her pack n play up in the shade for naps and then took the mattress part in the tent for the night. 

    6) when she was ready for bed we went to bed too. I wasn't comfortable leaving her alone in the tent so DH and I just read until we were tired 

    7) based on the number of diapers she had I think she got a little dehydrated so next time I will nurse more and offer more water.

    8) if you're doing BLW bring food you know yout LO likes. This is not the time to introduce new food.

    9) take lots of pictures and have fun. It is a great experience!


    hope that helps. 

  • MrsRJCs list is great. We didnt do #6, but other than that, almost spot on what id say.

    We've done a lot of camping since DD2 has been 2mo, including 10days in Yosemite at 4mo. That trip we took a swing that ran on batteries, which was a great at that time, but our last weekend trip we didn't take it and she did fine without it, but it was nice to have if you can fit it. Or even a bouncer/vibrator chair if the swing is too much. Something familiar. 

    We also got a chair that hooks onto the table for her that I would not go without now that we have it. 

    Have fun!! 


  • This would be my personal hell.


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  • I'd add that you should try to keep everything as close to normal as possible. I went camping with my 8 mnth old and he's used to sleeping in a dark room. We were in an RV but it only had blinds, no dark curtains, and he was ready to go when the sun was up at 6 am.

    Also invest in a good bug spray that is ok to apply multiple times a day.

    We both still had fun so go for it!
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